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Giuseppe Kally

Quake, the game of my childhood


Quake is a special game for me, because it was the first game that I played when my parents bought me my first computer.

The first Quake game that I played was having some bad graphics and you were supposed to install the game from 10 disks, but the next game was something else. After a while I discovered that Quake 2 was available and totally changed everything for me. It changed the the perception that I was having about PC games and the graphic details at that time were incredible. I played that game for a few years, until it was really outdated, but I really enjoyed it a lot. After that I began to play more games on PS2 and PS3 and I was using the PC for other things and I didn’t played the next versions of Quake, but recently I discovered the trailer of the new Quake Champions game, which rocked my world one again after almost twenty years - find out more info.

It’s incredible what the developers of the game managed to do and it will be a great success, in my point of view, because this game will keep a classic gameplay, but adapted to this age. I recently bought the PS4 and also an Xbox One and I hope that the game will be available on these two platforms, but if will be available only for PC, I am more than sure that I will buy a gaming PC just to play the game of my life. I’m sure that each one of us has a game that gives you goose bumps, even if it’s an older version. A friend of mine for example, has the same feeling when we start to discuss about Warcraft games, especially Frozen Throne. But for me Quake is one of the best games that I ever played, even if it’s very simple and doesn’t have anything super special, maybe this is the main reason why I like it so much.

Quake Champions will be the game of the year and I have a feeling that it will be free to play with some in game purchases, because this started to be a trend at all the multiplayer games. Good Luck, Have Fun!!!